«Раскаленный хаос» посмотрели в Колумбийском университете в Нью-Йорке


Планируются показы и в других американских университетах

2 марта прошел показ документального блокбастера Сергея Дебижева «Раскаленный хаос» в Колумбийском университете на факультете теологии. Фильм вызвал очень большой интерес, острую дискуссию, много комментариев и разных мнений. Планируется серия показов в разных университетах.

Вот один из отзывов: "The film was excellent! I was in shock while watching it even though I already knew the tragic history of the bloody revolution. I was truly shaken by it. This is what Russia needs. The film shows the revolution as it really was: an apocalyptic horror. On this anniversary of the revolution, its important to remember what Russia was like before the revolution and how it changed through this national horror. Before Russia can return to its former glory as Holy Russia with a holy anointed Tsar, Russians must repent of sins of the past century. In order to repent of these sins Russians must accurately understand their own history, not a propagandized film full of lies (like the recent Matilda).
I believe that this film is an important step in the right direction. I also applaud the bravery of the filmmaker in exposing some of the real powers behind the revolution in Britain and America and especially for showing the connections shared between international Zionists and the Bolsheviks".

Показы организовала Анна Надежина.