The Celestial Crimea

The Celestial Crimea film is a wide-ranging narration about the history, culture, nature, people and the geopolitical role of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.
Visualization of ideas has become a must for the modern world. The purpose of this project is to show all the power, beauty and potential of Crimea and the natural and human energy from which the “genius loci” appears.
The narration is compelling and, shows to best advantage all the richness, significance and future prospects of Crimea as part of The Russian Federation. Crimea is the most valuable and the purest diamond in its crown.
The film examines many themes such as nature, history, art, culture, religion, the military, science, industry, sports, tourism and other leisure activities.

As the title suggests, the latest aerial photography technologies are used for filming and this ensures the highest quality and expressiveness of the images.
The film focuses on the lives, traditions and customs of the people of Crimea and the creative potential of the younger generation.
This film will include quotations from famous historians, poets and writers about Crimea.
Moving through time, we will come to realize the true sacred meaning of historical events and we see their reflection in the present day.
The Celestial Crimea is a film for the ages. It could be screened as part of official events, at international forums, on television or in cinemas and could become a signature statement of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopil, both in Russia and abroad.
The high image quality, unique filming perspectives and vivid images will make the whole film or its episodes suitable to be shown at various events and for various purposes.