Hymn of the Great City

Duration: 50 minutes.

Script by Sergey Debizhev

Directed by Andrey Efimov, Sergey Debizhev

Music by Victor Sologub, Alexey Karpov

The St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
The Two Captains Production Company
with the participation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
present the film project Hymn of the Great City.

The film is the first large-scale visualization experience.

It is, in fact, an integral piece of art, full of internal dramatism and sophisticated filming made with the latest image technology. St. Petersburg is shown with extreme brightness, power and expressiveness, demonstrating the scale of the city, its majesty, and unprecedented heights when filming. This is a completely different, groundbreaking vision displaying St. Petersburg in a new way. Unusual camera angles, perspectives, different states of nature and light conditions create a completely different sensation of the familiar space.